About its use:

What is the recommended usage frequency and duration?

For treatment of disease, a frequency of 3 to 5 times a day at 30 minutes per session is recommended. More than 3 times a day usage is important. Using more than 30 minutes per session does not have an additional benefit.

For maintenance of health and disease prevention, once a day treatment or twice a week usage is recommended.

It can also be used at night while sleeping to help insomnia.

Children or pets may be held on the lap for treatment.

About the machine:

It does not require maintenance.

The machine can last for at least 20 to 30 years when used properly under normal conditions.

It does not generate frequency and harmful electromagnetic field.

About its safety:

Recharge is non-invasive, does not interfere with medications and does not have harmful side effects. It is safe to be used on those with metal or electrical implants that are embedded inside the body or placed under the skin, such as pacemaker. However, Recharge should not be used with wearable electronic devices or implants that are connected to external devices as the static electricity may damage these electronic devices. For dialysis patients, it is recommended to use Recharge after dialysis session as the static electricity may interfere with the medical filtering process. It is also safe to sleep on the metal plate all night long.

How to use:

Recharge is used with a metal plate or screen connected to the Output High Voltage terminal.

  1. Place Recharge on a sturdy flat surface (e.g. on a plastic/wooden table or desk), away from nearby conductive materials. Do not place the machine directly on the floor.
  2. Plug the Output High Voltage cable to the Output High Voltage terminal at the back of the unit. Connect the alligator clip to a metal sheet, foil or screen. The cable from Recharge to metal screen should not be touching to the ground (at least 6 inches far from the floor). The cable can be folded and tied to shorten and avoid it from touching the ground.
  3. Place the metal screen or sheet on a low plastic stool. Sit on a clean and dry plastic or wooden chair (plastic chair is most recommended for best insulation). Seat cushions can be used for added comfort.
  4. Place your feet (bare or with socks) on the metal sheet or screen. A thin piece of cloth or towel may be placed on top of the screen for added comfort.
  5. Have someone plug the power cord into the outlet. If you are using the Recharge alone, the easiest way would be for you to first turn on the machine, then sit on a plastic chair, and lift both your feet off the floor and place them on the metal screen.
    Be sure not to bring the power cord near the Output High Voltage terminal and cable. Do not touch any appliance or anything or anyone that is grounded including the machine’s AC power cord while your feet is still touching the metal screen.
    The two indicator lights should light, then, electrotherapy begins.
  6. After your session is completed, be sure to remove both your feet first from the metal screen before getting off the chair and touching the floor. Then, unplug the unit from the wall outlet, or turn off the power extension bar if you’re using one. Or, have someone turn off the machine for you. Do not touch any grounded object while any part of your body is touching the metal screen so as not to induce a static shock.


For reclining or bedridden patients:

  1. Prepare any size (about 12″x12″) of aluminum foil, or metal screen or net, and attach it to the output cable with an alligator clip from Recharge. The cable should not be touching to the ground. Make sure the cable is at least 6 inches high from the ground.
  2. Have the user lie on a nonconductive bed or surface such as a plastic deck recliner or a nonmetallic bed with a foam mattress without metal springs to prevent electrostatic leakage which lesser effectiveness of the therapy.
  3. Place the metal sheet, foil or screen under the user. It is OK to have clothing between the metal and the skin.
  4. Finally, plug the power cord into the outlet. Be sure not to bring the power cord near the Output High Voltage terminal and cable. The user must not touch any appliance or anything or anyone that is grounded. The two indicator lights should light, then, electrotherapy begins.

Test Procedure

One way to check if Recharge is functioning properly, or if you are not grounded, and if you are well insulated, is to tear off thin bits of tissue paper and place it on a flat surface (made of wood or plastic), then bring your finger near it. The tissue paper will start to move or rise. This means that you are under electrostatic electrification. Poor insulation affects the intensity of static electricity surrounding your body. Under good insulation, the tissue paper should begin to move or rise when your fingers are 3-4 inches away from it.

Note: It takes at least 1-2 minutes for the static electricity to fully charge around the user’s body. The static electric field will be at its strongest after about 5 minutes of using the machine